Welcome to my world!

Welcome to the website of Andy Corkill.

I have three distinct parts to my life; family, cycling and work.

I am married and have four children.  Thankfully they are fully understand of my passion when it comes to cycling.

I have been a cyclist since the early 80’s and have raced in the past.  However my main focus nowadays is either working for British Cycling as a Commissaire or being a spectator

Both my Dad and I travel the length of Britain to watch bike races and have the title of “super fans” for The Tour Of Britain.  Since is restarted in 2004 we have only missed 2 stages and that was completely down to an illness for me.

I work at The Wilton Carpet Factory and have two parts to my working like.  I am their IT Manager and also am the Materials and Planning Manager.

View from the roadside