Tour of Britain

Tour Of Britain

The Tour Of Britain started again in 2004 and since the first stage my Dad and myself have been an nearly all the starts and finishes. Up until 2015 it as every start and finish but unfortunately do to my illness I had to miss one stage due to an unavoidable hospital appointment.

However, all that is behind me know and 2016 will be a full visit again.

Hats. Why the hats is something I always get asked. We first started wearing them in 2007 to allow my children to find us easily on the TV. My Dad is quite short but being 6′ 1″ helps on the TV footage. It has turned into a monster now and we can’t attend any bike race without them. Due to my role as a Commissaire and that fact that I drive for races as well means that no one knows me when I’m not wearing the hat, so I find I have to introduce myself to people who already know me!




I don’t need to prove my love of this race, but I have had a tattoo on my left leg.