Welcome to my world!

Welcome inside the mind of Andy Corkill (Corkadillo)

I have three distinct parts to my life, family, cycling and work, not necessarily in that order! It depends on the time of the year.

I am a happily married with 4 children and a cancer survivor.

Cycling has been my passion for many years, my first road bike was in 1975. I did race a long time ago, but these days prefer to ride with the family and the occasional commute. I get my cycling fix through being a spectator, a “Super Fan” of the Tour Of Britain and as a Commissaire for British Cycling.

I have a diverse job, I am the Materials and Planning Manager for Wilton Carpets and also their IT Manager. I have been with company since they reformed in 1995 and was with the previous company as well. Click here for more information.